Air Conditioning

Truck Air Conditioning Repair and Service

In the Southwest, there’s no need to stress that Air Conditioning in your truck or vehicle is an absolute must. If you go through a desert summer without it, you’ll swear to never let that happen again! We, here at BRW Truck Repair in Phoenix, are Truck AC repair experts. We have the experience and the tools to get your Air Conditioning fixed and get you back on the road quickly. We understand that time without your truck is money lost and we do our best to get your vehicle repaired so you can get back on the road.

Air conditioning

Above is the Basic layout of your parts in your vehicles Air Conditioning System. 

There are more parts involved in a vehicle’s Air Conditioning system than most people think. We try to educate our customers with a diagram like the one shown, so they are aware of the component we replaced and all the other components of the system that have not been replaced. Many times if the compressor is replaced, a customer assumes that they have replaced their whole AC system, so we use this to let them know, they have replaced a major component in their system, but we can not guarantee that one of the other components could fail or leak in the future.

We trace leaks in AC systems using a couple of different techniques. We use a freon sniffer that detects freon gas in the atmosphere. We scan through the system for any signs of leaks. Another method we use is to insert a fluorescent dye into the Air conditioning system. When freon leaks, as soon as it touches the air it evaporates. It does not leave any oily substance or visual sign. So with this dye we can locate slow leaks that we are unable to pick up with the leak detector. Some parts like the Evaporator Core, is not a very expensive part, but in many vehicles, it’s located behind the dash board. So if this parts starts to leak, it could take many hours to remove the dash components to get to this part. Other parts, like the condenser or AC line are easier to get to and do not take as much time to change.

Whether your AC is not blowing cold or just not as cold as it should be, we can diagnose and repair your vehicle to get you back on the road. If you are in the Phoenix area and your truck air conditioning is in need of service, please give us a call.