Manual Transmissions

Weaton autoshifte service, repair and replace manual and automatic transmissions, clutches, torque converters and differentials for Light, Medium and Heavy duty trucks and RV’s. We have the lifts, equipment, inventory and expertise with master technicians.

If you are experiencing hard shifting problems during cold weather, you might change the fluid. Most older rear-wheel drive transmissions use a heavy gear oil like 75W, 80W or 90W, which can get pretty stiff at subzero temperatures. Changing to a lighter oil may improve shifting.


Transmissions & Differentials

Machining of flywheels and installing new OE clutches allows for maximum efficiency and ease of operation. Transmissions and differentials are rebuilt in house or we offer reman’s from the manufacturer. When we rebuild a unit they are disassembled and inspected with cases and carriers being repaired as needed. Any worn parts are replaced with genuine parts when needed. All units are shift checked and air tested before installation.